Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fragmented Thoughts

The following is merely a compilation of fragmented thoughts. Haphazard filaments of wisdom, theory and observations:

‘Numbness’ is not a sentiment, merely a lack thereof; at times a welcomed reprieve from pain. Silence can be far more unnerving than even the most piercing of cries. The comfort of another can be likened to a drug; the withdrawal symptoms potentially just as detrimental to one’s well being as that of morphine. Addictions of any sort never wither nor wilt as would a flower, its petal cascading toward the barren earth whilst letting out its final sigh, but rather addictions metamorphose into yet another: Love’s final breath mutates into a whimper that is solely quelled by copious amounts of chocolate. Rejection is akin to the training wheels of a child’s bicycle, it adequately prepares one for the maneuvering of life, be it in relationships, professional or even familial life. Self-respect is tantamount to any interpersonal relationship; navigating these perfidious bodies of water requires a compass, global positioning system, map and any other tool procurable. Maternal tenderness heals nearly all wounds; her soothing words the fine threads that hold together even the deepest of lacerations.

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