Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Cast of Characters

The sun burnt man, walking in with a swagger, so certain of his “belonging”;
The beautiful woman denying the world of her smile for fear of exposing her jagged teeth;
The middle-aged balding man refusing to believe that his best years are behind him, with his “cool” bag and designer jeans;
The silent observer as dark as the night, listening, watching, analyzing;
The love triangle trio, he loves her, she loves him, and he inevitably loves himself far too much to ever love another;
The Russian, Bulgarian, Armenian, this man of accents, bartering his life over the phone;
The quirky girl with a 1920s white, chiffon dress, jovial with a black suitcase packed… just in case;
The bohemian, reading a poetry book, the words forming images in her mind as she chews on her dread-locked hair;
The manly Asian man with a pink band-aid on his index finger, jabbing at his computer;
The pot-bellied, white t-shirt wearing worker, exasperated as perspiration trickles down his forehead, into your coffee cup;

And you, sitting in front of me, unaware or perhaps not ever caring enough to notice, me.

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  1. Hi Oreet!
    This is Ashley, Alaina's sister(I'm not sure my blog picture will be attatched to this).
    I wasn't sure how else to get a hold of you, but Alaina told me you have a podcast for the people who you teach French to and since I'm starting to study it this fall I was wondering what it's called because I could use the help with pronunciation. Mind passing that on to me?
    (I really like this blog, by the way. I did read it even though I appear to be using this as email. I thought it was beautiful)